Commercial FAQs

Commercial FAQ's

What type of commercial leases do we offer?

  •   We offer Gross, Modified Gross & Triple Net Lease.  Most of the leases we write are Gross Leases.

 What term of lease is normally required?

  •  Generally, 1 year is required.  Most Owner’s will entertain a multi-year lease, however, 5 years at a time is usually the longest term that is approved.  If you would like to have a longer term than 5 years, options for additional terms can be built into the lease

 Do you offer short term leases?

  •   At times, Owners are willing to do a lease for less than 1 year,  depending on the property and the reason for the short term lease.

 Who pays taxes, insurance for the property ?

  •   On a Gross Lease, the Owner of the property pays the taxes and insurance on the property.  With a Modified Gross Lease, this is negotiated through us with the Owner.  If it is a Triple Net Lease, the Tenant pays taxes and insurance.

if I need remodeling done to suit my business , will the owner pay for this?

  •   This can be negotiated with the Owner.  Generally, if the Owner agrees to pay for the remodeling, a multi-year lease will be required, and the rent may be raised to help recover the cost of the remodeling.  An Owner will sometimes pay for minor remodeling, such as painting or carpet replacement.

Is a tenant application required?

  • Yes.  There is a $50.00 application fee and we do run a credit check.

What type of insurance do I have to carry for my business to rent the space

  •   Liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 is required, and Investment Realty, Inc. must be named as additional insured.  Proof of this insurance must be given to us.

Am I responsible for any maintenance on the property?

  •  There is a $250.00 per service call deductible for heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing and general maintenance.  This means the Tenant pays the first $250.00 per service  call, and the owner pays the balance, if any.  The owner is responsible for structural maintenance.  Depending  on the property. the Tenant may be responsible for snow & ice removal and lawn care.  With a Triple Net Lease, the Tenant is responsible for all maintenance.

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